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Helmets for electric scooter

Have you come here, looking for a helmet, to protect yourself, go safer, and also not be fined if the police stop you with you electric scooter? You’re in luck, you’re in the right place.

Surely you are also thinking, because the helmet does not fit me, nor is it comfortable to wear it. But the helmet can save your life in the event of a fall. Always remember it! In addition, our helmets are super cool, comfortable and you can be fashionable and with your own style!

We show you the best helmets for electric scooters in 2020 for sale:

Why buy helmets for electric scooters?

The answer to that question is quite obvious.

  • It should be mandatory to wear a helmet to avoid head injuries. Sooner or later we are going to suffer a fall, helmets and protections are essential accessories.
  • Helmets for electric scooters are made to withstand falls you may suffer while using any type of electric scooter. They are manufactured with very resistant materials to guarantee maximum duration and to protect the head from blows, falls and chafing.
  • Most designs cover the top and back of the head and come with straps to perfectly fit any size. The most common is to find these helmets in 3 main measures: the S, the M and the L, which mean small, medium and large respectively, the same as with some clothing items.
  • All helmets are provided with ventilation holes that are perfect to avoid excessive sweating, depending on the designs, the holes can come in different arrangements, but their function is exactly the same.
  • These helmets are valid for use with any type of electric scooter, segway, unicycles, hoverboard, etc. You can also use them to ride a bike, but they are not valid for riding motorcycles.

In addition to electric scooters for adults, in our store we have: